Author Michelle Richmond. San Francisco by way of Alabama.


I never had a sense of ownership over The Fault in Our Stars after it came out. I always understood that once a book is finished, it doesn’t belong to you anymore. It belongs to the readers, for better or for worse.

John Green


This short video is a fun introduction to writing a novel with The Paperclip Method

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What are you doing this Valentine’s Day?
Pledging fealty to the Lady of the court, because that’s what Saint Valentinus would have wanted.
Hunting down George R.R. Martin for killing all my boyfriends.
Slipping slowly into madness.
Raising my bloodsugar to dangerous levels on candy hearts.
Having actual sex with real people.
Writing erotic Harry Potter/Supernatural/NASCAR fan fiction.
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I know about me, and it doesn’t involve Harry Potter. What about you?